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Bags made with recycled leather

YNGR moves with you
wherever you want to go


Dreamt up in Paris, designed in Antwerp, and fueled on a diet of recycled leather, YNGR is a new design collective on a mission: crafting democratic designer bags, so that more people can enjoy them.

The name YNGR comes from the energy and pace of urban life. It’s about forgetting your age, challenging expectations, and constantly being on the go in search of new ideas and experiences. YNGR moves with you, wherever you want to go.

At YNGR we‘ve abandoned the beaten track by establishing ourselves completely online from the beginning, using responsible stock volumes for a lean production model and cutting out the people in between to invest in quality and commit ourselves to you.

We take inspiration from everyday objects in city life - like seat belt buckles and market bags in Chinese supermarkets - to connect in a real way with how we live today. YNGR looks to elevate these designs into something you want to wear as a statement.


Look good, do good

YNGR transforms
fashion industry waste

Recycled Leather

At YNGR, we’re not afraid to use material that’s out of the ordinary. Especially if those are better for the world we live in.

Our signature buckles and straps have been chosen for their durability and we use 100% recycled leather. This is made from off cuts which would otherwise go to landfill. These cuts are reprocessed into new material that is naturally strong, high quality and treated without using any chemicals.

By choosing YNGR, you help to reduce our impact on the environment. It’s a product that looks good and does good too.


Pre-orders are now closed for the YNGR ANTWERP backpack and the YNGR TOKYO cross body. Stay tuned because the YNGR webshop will be launching soon.


Webshop coming soon