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YNGR was launched in 2019 by Jan Pirenne, an urban planner, and Donovan Tjon, a fashion designer. United by a passion for design, the duo makes minimal and practical products.

YNGR is a brand inspired by a state of mind that lives and thrives in cities everywhere. It isn’t about age, YNGR is an action, a collective restlessness. YNGR represents shared experiences and the visual expressions born from the urban sprawl and its intense mix. YNGR is an aesthetic mash up of utilitarian, luxury details and fun. It’s an expression of Donovan’s attention to detail from working for luxury brands (Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli), fused with the duo’s personal experiences of how cities are symbols of opportunity.  

Donovan grew up in an environment where diverse and contrasting ideas, beliefs and interests lived together. Having mixed Asian heritage, born in South America and raised on the island of Saint Martin, made the search for identity very important to him. Constantly moving towards new job opportunities brought him to Milan, Paris and London. He had to discover his own identity and values. He believes that everyone is free to be who they are and define themselves how they want. Time is our greatest asset and along the search, we need to ensure that our planet doesn’t run out of time.

With a focus on sustainability, nearly all YNGR products are made with recycled leather. Recycled leather is made from scraps and offcuts that would usually end up in landfills. No chemicals are used in the process of creating the leather. The minimalist bags are  inspired by urban materials such as isolation foils or seat belt buckles.

YNGR moves with you, wherever you want to go.